About us

Established in 2011, NPP Investments has become one of the country’s leading sourcing companies of UK investment property. Our mission is to work closely with and educate our investors in different types of property investments and strategies, resulting in an end goal of securing future income and wealth.

Whether you are a beginner in property investing or a seasoned and experienced investor, NPP have the resources and contacts within the property industry to help build and develop a profitable, high yielding portfolio no matter how big or small.

All of our selected investment opportunities go through vigorous checks and a thorough due diligence process before they are presented to our investors. This helps maintain our solid reputation for alleviating client risk and enables us to provide our investors with some of the most dependable investments in the current markets.

Our investment opportunities have all been specifically and carefully selected to ensure delivery of the highest returns within the shortest timescales.

We like to take a more consultative approach, forming an understanding from the outset of what our investors financial goals may be, to the assessment and management of an existing portfolio, future investment strategies and even an exit plan.

Though some of our clients require income immediately, it is most common for investors to be looking for significant returns within a medium range of between 3 and 10 years. As such, our clients are looking for support in developing a strategic blueprint that will become the foundation of their investment decisions.

We are now NPP Residential. Head on over to your new website: www.nppresidential.co.uk

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